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歡迎光臨上海昆邦化工有限公司,咨詢熱線: 139-1717-1467(微信同)

ROCOL FOODLUBE Premier 1食用寶高速潤滑脂1號

ROCOL FOODLUBE Premier 1食用寶高速潤滑脂1號

2021-03-20 17:18:58  

ROCOL FOODLUBE Premier 1食用寶高速潤滑脂1號(rocol 15294)是一種食品級的,多用途極壓潤滑脂,適合電動機和風扇軸承潤滑。

ROCOL FOODLUBE Premier 1食用寶高速潤滑脂1號(rocol 15294)是一種食品級的,多用途極壓潤滑脂,適合電動機和風扇軸承潤滑。

FOODLUBE Premier 1

Food Grade, Multi-Purpose, EP, NLGI No. 1 Grease

Ideal for electric motors and fan bearings

Significantly extends bearing life

High load and wear properties

Highly resistant to water washout

Excellent corrosion protection

Wide temperature range -30°C to +180°C

DETEX technology – x-ray and metal detectable plastic aerosol caps and actuators reduces risk of plastic contamination

NSF H1 registered & ISO 21469 certified for full audit compliance

HALAL Certified

Kosher Certified

Size: 380g Shuttle Cartridge Part Number: 15281

Size: 380g Part Number: 15291

Size: 18kg Part Number: 15294

關鍵詞:ROCOL FOODLUBE Premier 1,ROCOL 15294

139-1717-1467 服務時間 9:00-22:00

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