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歡迎光臨上海昆邦化工有限公司,咨詢熱線: 139-1717-1467(微信同)

ROCOL Z 25 Fluid多用途防銹潤滑劑(ROCOL  37118)

ROCOL Z 25 Fluid多用途防銹潤滑劑(ROCOL 37118)

2021-03-13 13:26:14  

ROCOL Z 25 Fluid多用途防銹潤滑劑(ROCOL 37118)可以提供1年的室內防銹保護,具有脫水,滲透松銹和潤滑作用。

ROCOL Z 25 Fluid多用途防銹潤滑劑(ROCOL  37118)可以提供1年的室內防銹保護,具有脫水,滲透松銹和潤滑作用。

Light/medium duty, oily, multipurpose lubricant

Demonstrates a good temperature range of -20°C to +110°C.

Provides a thin, high performance oily film with excellent indoor corrosion protection for up to 1 year on a wide range of components.

Provides good de-watering properties.

Exhibits good penetration to ensure complete de-watering and protection of intricate components.

Specially formulated to clean oil contaminated parts leaving a light, corrosion protective film.

Ideal for light lubrication of chains, hinges, linkages and pins.

The product does not contain silicones or chlorinated solvents.

Size: 20l   Part Number: 37118

關鍵詞:ROCOL Z 25 Fluid, ROCOL  37118

139-1717-1467 服務時間 9:00-22:00

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