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歡迎光臨上海昆邦化工有限公司,咨詢熱線: 139-1717-1467(微信同)

ROCOL ANTI-SEIZE Stainless不銹鋼防卡劑(ROCOL 14143)

ROCOL ANTI-SEIZE Stainless不銹鋼防卡劑(ROCOL 14143)

2021-03-13 16:08:05  

ROCOL ANTI-SEIZE Stainless不銹鋼防卡劑(ROCOL 14143)專門用于保護不銹鋼和尼龍緊固件。

ROCOL ANTI-SEIZE Stainless不銹鋼防卡劑(ROCOL 14143)專門用于保護不銹鋼和尼龍緊固件。



· 高溫下長時間抗咬死

· 提供均勻扭矩負載,防止裝配時磨損

· 防止潮濕環境和化學侵蝕

· 含氯量極低

· 適用于鋁及其合金

ANTI-SEIZE Stainless

Anti-Seize Paste Specifically Designed for Nimonic and Stainless Steel

Excellent anti-seize properties over extended periods at high temperatures

Provides even torque and prevents galling and pick-up on assembly

Suitable for use with stainless steel, aluminium, nimonic and silver coated fasteners

Protects against wet conditions and chemical attack

Contains extremely low levels of chlorine and sulphur

Temperature range of -40oC to +1000oC

Coefficient of friction 0.085

Size: 500g Part Number: 14143

關鍵詞:ROCOL ANTI-SEIZE Stainless,不銹鋼防卡劑,ROCOL 14143

139-1717-1467 服務時間 9:00-22:00

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